Question/Idea: OOC Areas

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Question/Idea: OOC Areas

Post by Celadra » Wed Mar 16, 2005 3:27 pm

I was wondering if it would be acceptable to have an area that players can access for OOC conversation/socializing?

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Post by Baron » Wed Mar 16, 2005 3:54 pm

Ithilla wont have one...seems to me if you want to chat - get out of game and use a chat client.. dont fill up available slots for real players for chatting.

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Post by WrathoG777 » Wed Mar 16, 2005 4:01 pm

We have an IRC channel for avlis. I am sure we could involve all of CoPaP in that same way.
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Post by Flakey » Wed Mar 16, 2005 4:07 pm

Hala, Rockhome, and Outlands have chanels in IRC, on the same IRC server as Avlis

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Post by Orleron » Wed Mar 16, 2005 4:44 pm

CoPaP has an IRC channel too, of course. #copap

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Post by Tristan_Durst » Wed Mar 16, 2005 5:27 pm

Arborea has an IRC preasence as well, just is I think only Teleri and I are the ones in there, and Teleri is more than I am.

Same server as Avlis, and most of the rest of CoPaP.


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Post by Starslayer_D » Thu Mar 17, 2005 4:18 am

Abyss has an OOC/AFK area one can access via the [afk] command (Talus).
That is the only area where you won't get booted when idle for too long. You get polymorphed, and trading is impossible, but it's a place where you're absolutely free to jaw OOC stuff, or be absent from dangerous areas/spawns while rescuing the kid from the washing machine.. :).

Sometimes I really wish such a place would be avaiable elsewhere, too. Would save on tells ingame, and defenitely allows you to go afk without clothes change.

And yes, you get returned to the spot you left, so it's not a way to escape the spawns you create (no rest area, too...)

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