State of The Confederation Address

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State of The Confederation Address

Post by Orleron » Wed May 05, 2004 4:00 pm

Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first State of The Confederation Address for CoPaP!

This Confederation was started as an idea for making a limitless playground for NWN enthusiasts. From there, it matured into a well-thought-out system of balance and gameplay between worlds, which is still being refined daily, even now. Originally, Avlis was the lone server involved, but Tairis'nadur (Travellers) and then Hala soon joined in the group. Today, there are 18 independent PW's in the organization in various stages of development and linking. Of those 18, Hala, Avlis, Tairis'nadur, and Rockhome have been successfully linked and running for some time now. Ea: Legend of Valinor, and Abyss404 are ready for link and are only waiting on in-game plot development to produce the portals that will span the servers.

The current state of the Confederation is excellent. Over the last few months, we have worked out some good systems for settling the rare disputes that arise among players in the different worlds, as well as instituting methods to make communication between the staff members of CoPaP more complete and easy. There is now a DM-only forum where all CoPaP DM's on the various worlds can converse and compare notes, as well as think up new cross-server plots. We also have a lot of frequent development updates posted constantly in our updates thread: viewtopic.php?t=8

Recently, CoPaP has gotten the honor of being inducted into the NWVault Hall of Fame for PW's. I believe we are one of the youngest groups in that list. It is an honor bestowed upon us by our players who voted well and continue to vote well for us. Keep it up.

So what's in store for the future of CoPaP?

Well for starters, we plan to link more worlds, as usual. Our very first Forgotten Realms server, Moonsea, should be ready to link fairly soon. We hope that the opening of our first FR servers will start a new push to create the FR online, for CoPaP. Behind the scenes, the makers of CoPaP are constantly talking about making things more compatible between worlds, and making it easier for players to use their items in a more standard fashion. It's slow going, but we are plugging away. Also in store for the future is the adoption of the Community Expansion Pack (CEP). Our own Themicles of Tairis'nadur is working on the new version of our hakpak which will be integrated with the CEP. When this goes live, you can expect to see lots of improvements on all CoPaP worlds.... from new placeables in Avlis, to new Ta'Nari on Abyss404. We look forward to all of these updates as much as you do.

As a community, CoPaP is still taking shape. Our players still largely identify with their home worlds, which is expected. But from my own personal feelings, folks, stretch out a bit! Get to know the people on the other servers! Post your general discussions on these boards if you like, in addition to your home boards. Start up discussions here on Ask questions of your fellow CoPaP citizens, and see how things are going on their worlds. All of these things will give us a more cohesive identity, which will strengthen the Confederation as a whole. So let's hear it!

"My name is Orleron...a dungeonmaster...two years ago I got shot through a game client...I'm in a distant part of the internet aboard these servers of escaped mental players. I've made enemies, stupid, and all I want to do is make CoPaP a reality, to warn Earth...Look inward(to your monitor) and share the newbies I've seen..."

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