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by DigitalCulture
Thu Nov 09, 2006 2:06 pm
Forum: CoPaP: Development
Topic: a building dilemma
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a building dilemma

I am currently working on a PW with some associates of mine for NWN2. Main problem is, we are all okay at debugging scripts but aren't as good at making them. Are there any suggestions that people could throw out here? I am just looking to make solid and bug free scripts for the basic mod, i.e. deat...
by DigitalCulture
Thu Nov 09, 2006 1:59 pm
Forum: CoPaP: General Discussion
Topic: Will CoPaP become a NWN2 Project?
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Hi there everybody. I was referred to this board to learn about Copap and the NWN2 project. I used to play on Avlis and I travelled to hala and rockhome a few times and loved the connections and the idea of it. Players having the chance to take their characters to whole new adventures was something ...