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Ideas and Concepts

Post by Sarmanos » Tue Dec 07, 2004 4:05 pm

Basically a thread where we can all post our ideas for things.

The current ones I have of course is where players can only find out past world lore by completing scripted in-game quests. No info will be posted up on the boards about the world's past, only the current situation and politics.

Another one I want to try is an Expanded Generic Loot system. I made it sound complicated on purpose but basically we expand the amount of item loot people can find that just has the purpose of only being sold for gold to merchants and no other use, much like gems and non-enchanted amulets and rings. Items may include paintings, statues, bodyparts, and such. One example might be a thief breaks into a home in the Noble Ward and sneaks past many traps to reach a valuable painting.

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Post by choraldances » Wed Dec 08, 2004 2:26 am

Moonsea has a system like that. I really like their drop system.

Hermyt did a good job on that. Maybe you can get a copy of what they have over there, and import it here.
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