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Subscribe to the CoPaP Mailing List for Updates

Post by Orleron » Fri Apr 02, 2004 9:05 pm

The email list we have been using to keep you all updated is getting way too big. I would also like the
other CoPaP leaders to be able to send you messages personally, and in
order to do that, I'd have to give our your emails to all of them. That's
not a cool thing to do, and I won't be part of something like that. So in
order to do this correctly, I am removing ALL of you from the mailing list
and transfering it over to a Yahoo Group.

**In order to keep receiving emails about Avlis and CoPaP updates, you
must check your email right now and find the message that contains info on how to subscribe to the mailing list***

Keep in mind that if you subscribe to this list, you will not only get
messages from me in the future, but also from the leaders of the other
CoPaP worlds.

Thanks again, and if there are any questions, please ask. You have all
been removed from the list as of NOW. Hope to see you on the new list.
The new list will be automated and you can remove yourself whenever you


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