Abyss 404 Hiring

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Abyss 404 Hiring

Post by approachingwinter »

That's right. After a long absence due to severe server difficulties (It exploded) we're back with a new host (the wonderful Mr. Terry of Arkaz). Due to the new server and having lost not just our vault from our old one but our database we're having a good deal of trouble with a wide range of our scripts, and functions. So, any who enjoy scripting and wouldn't mind becoming an Abyss 404 scripter or even a DM or builder please step over to our new website and tell us a little about yourself. Cheers!

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Post by Da'emona »

Congrats on getting back up on line. I know you were missed.
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Post by terryrayc »

I'd put us at about 75% back up and running. Some of the custom races have issues but we're working them out.
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