Application response, NWN version, Lost Passwords

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Application response, NWN version, Lost Passwords

Post by Orleron » Sat Aug 27, 2005 6:03 pm

Application Response:

Our application response should be very good, because I'm back to doing them myself. I answer applications at least twice per day. If you have not gotten your application response, do the following in order:

1) Wait 48 hours to make sure I get time to do it.

2) Check your junk mail filters for the Acceptance/Rejection message.

3) Reapply

4) Wait 48 more hours.

5) If none of this has worked, THEN send an email to Do not mail CoPaP about applications as a first resort, only a last one.

NWN Version

CoPaP almost never upgrades to the latest NWN version at the time of patch release. We plan on upgrading to always keep with the latest upgrades, but we do not upgrade right away. How long does it take us to upgrade? We know not. We'll do it when it gets done and coordinated properly. There's many things that we do before upgrading.

You cannot play CoPaP if you are running a different patch than we are. So if you upgrade to the latest patch before we do, you will get an error message telling you the versions do not match. You have two options if this is your case:

1) Wait until we upgrade.

2) Patch back to our version of NWN. (At your own risk, and do not ask us how, please.)

Again, please stop emailing the team about this. If you do, you'll simply get a link to this post in reply.

Lost Passwords and CoPaP Mailing List invites

Treat a lost password as if you have never applied before, i.e. fill out a new application online and get an acceptance email.

Also, if for whatever reason you wish to be on the CoPaP mailing list but have not been invited, or if your invite expired, treat that as a new application also. When you apply to us, you'll be given an acceptance letter AND an invite to the CoPaP mailing list.

Again, please do not email the team for lost passwords or request invites tot he CoPap mailing list. For security reasons, we will not answer these emails except to give you a link to this post.

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