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Travellers FAQ

Post by Themicles » Wed Nov 26, 2003 12:48 am

Post your questions in this thread, and as they are answered, the post
will be removed and the question added to this list:

Q: Is this based on the old game called Travellers?
A: No, not even close. Travellers is just the current code name for the project.

Q: Is the world's name Travellers?
A: No, see above.

Q: Is this another plane, or another planet?
A: This is a complete planet of its own.

Q: What is the planet's name?
A: We prefer you find such things out In Character, but it can be found at our forums.

Q: Can I create a character on Travellers?
A: At the moment, no. We are building this world from the ground up, and
our backstory, including important aspects such as deities, is in its early
stages. We would rather players not create characters that are from our
world, that would really not belong.

Q: Can I visit Travellers?
A: As soon as the plot on Avlis allows, there will be a portal somewhere on
Avlis to reach Travellers.

Q: What hakpaks are used?
A: The list of hakpaks in use, as well as a link to the one custom music track already in place can also be found on the Avlis boards here.

Q: Are there any screenshots or other images?
A: A teaser thread can be found on the Avlis boards here.

EDIT: This is just a starter. To continue this tread, please visit our forums
at and continue this thread here

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