CoPaP leaders vote to adopt the CEP

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CoPaP leaders vote to adopt the CEP

Post by Orleron » Wed Mar 24, 2004 4:31 pm

Things are moving at quite a fast pace today. The leaders of the linked worlds of CoPaP have unanimously voted to adopt the CEP. As a service to the players, I will post the details here for you to answer your questions:
1) Maska of Fairhaven will complete the integration of the two Haks. (UniversalHak and CEP)

2) Give our players a MINIMUM of 2 weeks to download this material.

3) Keep an eye out for problems with this hak in the community. Let other people use it first to find out if there are severe flaws. Do this during the 2 week wait. Maybe longer.

4) IF the hak proves trouble-free, and the two week minimum period has passed, we universally adopt it on all our servers and replace our 135 MB UniversalHak3_0 with an 8 MB UniversalHak4_0 (along with the CEP).


There is one slight drawback to this. Most of the textures in the CEP are DDS, not TGA. In layman terms that means that people with old video cards may not be able to see the textures when they log into our servers. I do not believe that this problem is widespread, and buying a new video card will always fix it. I also do not believe that this aspect will chase away many players, because I believe the majority have suitable cards for it.

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