How do I get started on black dagger world of avlis??

Anyone interested in linking their PW to CoPaP can inquire here with their concerns.
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How do I get started on black dagger world of avlis??

Post by AuroraSilverwolf »

Help!! I've already been accepted into Black Dagger, World of Avlis..

I have downloaded all the necessary files to play and have received confirmation.


How do I get NWN on my computer to allow me to play the game with my NWN DIAMOND edition software???

I am new at the online version and am unsure of how to proceed???

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Post by Korennya »

I think we'll need some more details about what is giving you trouble in order to help you out better. First thing i'd suggest is make sure you have updated to the currect version to be compatable with Avlis. Currently Copap is running on version 1.68 NOT BETA 1.69 If you have updated to the .69 version you'll need to revert back to 1.68 to play on Copap worlds.

Aside from that.. if you have all the needed haks and of course the passwords you shouldn't have much issue getting into the servers. Again, we'll need to know any specific error messages you might get (if any) or more information about the part of the process that you need help with.

If you've never played NWN multiplayer before. Once you get past entering your gamespy ID and password, you'll be given a list of servers that are ready for you to play on. Red is password protected, blue is not.. and grey means you are running a different version of the game then that server is.

Avlis and the other CoPaP worlds are located in the section on the top left called "PW story" You should see a block of the link worlds fairly close to the top once you click on that grouping. Once you do, pick the server you want to join, Elysia for example, hit connect, enter the password you obtained in your acceptance email (don't throw that out and never give out the passwords!) and you're in.

Now, sometimes another little window will pop up asking for a player password after you entered the server password. This happens from time to time, ignore it and hit cancel. Copap worlds are server vault, meaning the character you will play is stored remotely from you on the world you are playing. Any previous characters you had you will not be able to use on Avlis and other linked worlds. Therfore, on your first time in, you'll need to hit the NEW character button and go from there.

I suggest you review the avlis wiki which contains a good deal of information about the world as well as specific like custom races.

I hope some of this helps you, if not.. come back here again with some details of your issue.
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