Bug? half-dragon cleric

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Bug? half-dragon cleric

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posting this heer as this happens on any CoPaP world where I can speak with my summons.

psionics, summon planar gateway - after 8 psionicist levels I am able to summon a half-dragon cleric. there's the menu so I can talk, can access the spells, tell her to cast an individual one, or cast all buffing spells... however.. neither of these work. for example..

Half-Dragon Cleric: [Talk] The creature you dominated looks to you for instructions.
[Talk] "I need you to cast a group of buffing spells."
Half-Dragon Cleric: [Talk] The creature waits for further instructions.
[Talk] "Cast all the buffing spells you have."
Half-Dragon Cleric: [Talk] The creature wonders who it is casting spells on.
[Talk] "Cast on all the party members."
Half-Dragon Cleric: [Talk] So shall it be done.

nothing happens.

[Talk] "I need you to cast a spell."
Half-Dragon Cleric: [Talk] The creature waits for further instructions.
[Talk] Divine Power.
Half-Dragon Cleric: [Talk] "You be sure?"
[Talk] "Yes, go ahead."
Half-Dragon Cleric: [Talk] "Very well!"

again, does nothing, doesn't cast.
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