Escaped from Underdark: Archipelago

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Escaped from Underdark: Archipelago

Post by Mort_efua » Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:43 pm

Hello there! I used to play on Abyss 404 of the COPAP world, and although it is sadly down, I'd like to point you toward a little (read - large) server that would be pleased to be visited by the interested and vibrant COPAP community!

So- I'll just post some information here and come visit us if you are interested for more information. We are a very high quality world on a very high quality server and requiring NO HAKS.

Escaped from Underdark: Archipelago is Persistent World Server with a heavy focus on Roleplay and cooperative story-telling.

Patch Version: Requires Both Expansions (SoU & HotU) + 1.69
Number Players: Usually 20-40 logged in
Setting: Non-canon sections of the Forgotten Realms universe, including the Shrouded Archipelago and Underdark
Length: Persistent World, 24/7
Number of DMs: 10+
IPs: or Under Gamespy PW Story
Scope: Large
Hack & Slash: Medium
Classes: Prestige Classes Restricted
Tricks & Traps: Heavy
Level Range: 2-12
Magic Level: Low
Schedule: 24/7
DM Needed: No DM Required
Alignments: All alignments welcome.
Races: Many subraces available through application
PVP: Full PvP
Death: Harsh.
Connection: Stable 100 Mbps located in Washington DC
House rules: See forums and website for more information.
Content guide: Teen
Player Requirements: Polite and mature player-base.
RolePlay: Heavy


Escaped from the Underdark: Archipelago

After three years of continuous play, "Escape from the Underdark" has come to a conclusion. We have now successfully transitioned the focus of our server from being Underdark based to primarily based on the surface. The transition has been seamless, and it is technically the same setting and story being told - but now the action is primarily within the mysterious region known as the Shrouded Archipelago. We are particularly proud of our implementation of 1.69 Patch material.

Describing EFU:A is difficult to do, except to say that it is a labor of love designed for those interested in an action-packed, meaningful, cooperative story-telling environment.

If you've tried EFU in the past, we encourage you come and try out EFU:A, as we have made a wide variety of improvements.

Our website has now been updated and contains relevant information on the Setting and the many features we offer, and we highly suggest that if you may be interested in a project of this kind, that you review it thoroughly.

Although our playerbase is large, we are extremely motivated and interested in welcoming new players to our world.

Please note - due to the IMMENSE changes this server has gone through, the associated review/comments may not be valid anymore.

We highly recommend visiting Link for more info on this server. Below is an incomplete list of what we have to offer.

Scripted Quests:
The primary means of XP gain in EfU is through cooperatively tackling any of our hundreds of unique scripted quests. Wandering through areas and mindlessly farming monsters is not an efficient way to advance or level.

Instead, characters can band together to cooperatively tackle challenges: anything from storming well defended fortresses and castles, delving into mysterious crypts, doing battle with hideous jungle beasts, defending a point from ravenous hordes of zombies, or rescuing hostages. Our quests are generally fully repeatable, setting-appropriate, artfully designed, and often "spiced" or adjusted by DMs on the fly.

Lore and History
Considerable effort has gone towards ensuring that the setting and history of EFU/EFUA is fully developed and compelling. There are in-game stores that sell dozens of extensive books discussing histories and various theories as to some of the mysteries of the EFU/EFUA setting.
While taking advantage of the Forgotten Realms setting, we've developed non-canon regions and details that incorporate themes and characteristics from some of our favorite works of fiction, including: Lovecraft, George R. R. Martin, Robert Howard, Tolkien, Kafka, the Wachowski brothers, Mieville, and others -- as well as some from popular Black Isles Titles such Planescape: Torment, Fallout 1 and 2 and Baldur's Gate.

DMs are not just referees and builders, but also story-tellers. Metaplots are a major part of the EFUA experience. In the past, examples of major plots include: plagues, rebellion, invasion, the acquiring of important magical relics, political crisis, vampires, gang wars, and much more.

Character Conflicts:
A major part of EFU has traditionally been that of the role-played conflict that occurs between characters. Examples of this might be: a thief running from the Watch, the consuming hatred between two rival wizards, a subtle war between merchants, bloody conflict between gangs, a Kelemvorite hunting down a necromancer, a paladin dueling a blackguard, a politician scheming against an opponent, or countless other examples.

In EfU and EFUA, this conflict is resolved by characters through their RP. We do not encourage mindless PvP, but rather an environment that resembles the best of fantasy fiction and cinema. Just as with fiction, there is meaningful conflict between characters. Unlike fiction, there is no set-winner, and the victorious are separated by the defeated through what they do In-Character (sometimes this might be straight PvP, in other cases it will be who out-schemed, out-thought, out-planned, or out-tricked the other).

DM Quests:
The DM team regularly runs DM quests and DM events. Sometimes these will be planned and advertised on our forums, sometimes they will be spur-of-the-moment or secret. DM quests could just be a simple event to kill some monsters and earn some special DM loot, or they could relate to a complicated faction rivalry or metaplot.

DM Team:
The EFUA DM team tries to be highly responsive to the needs of players. We work hard to make ourselves available for NPC possessions and assist with a character's goals or needs, as well as being capable and fair administrators and referees. It is worth noting that we hold ourselves as a team to a very high standard of conduct in terms of not being biased, of not punishing characters for OOC reasons, of not cheating in any way, and of not having any kind of advantage when and if we play as a normal character.

Exploration is a major part of EFUA. Characters will receive a one-time XP bonus for entering certain areas, and we've tried very hard to make a server that is fun, challenging, and rewarding to explore.

Module Updates:
Tens of thousands of man-hours has gone into building EfU, and much of this has simply been updating the module to reflect the changes that have happened (often through the efforts of characters). Factions rise and fall, NPCs die, districts are invaded or built, buildings are burnt down, and the world is constantly evolving and changing - all of which is updated in a timely manner by the DM staff. In EFUA, this is even more prominent, as the playerbase works and builds a new settlement from the ground up, deciding much of how it develops.

NWN Vault link:
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Server Website:


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Post by p0m » Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:38 pm

Interesting. Sounds like I'll have to take a look.

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