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Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 5:20 pm
by Guest
I can not be banned. I can bipass anything. I would like the to hear the response of people out there if they agree about some of the wierdos making avlis a lifestyle. I need this humar. Please tell me if you've ever been laid, or do you just look at internet porn all day. Dont get me wrong. I love avlis and if im coming home for work ill play. But some of you guys forget to eat out there. Please let me hear from the wierdos.

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 9:42 pm
by Apandapion

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 10:45 pm
by Sarrena
One must wonder why someone ranting about a shallow life is spending such time here complaining and actively getting around a ban from all CoPaP worlds... Not to mention taking the effort to steel/generate CD Keys, rotating IP's, spending endless time creating acounts and PC's only to have them stripped out from underneath them... Whats that word.... Irony!

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 11:38 pm
by Orleron
eh, so it takes a while to get rid of you. You're not the first idiot to bother us. There've been many... Korrigan, Ashzz, Pyro, Xira, to name a few.

Doesn't matter. Third warning to nicely go away. I would take it.