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Catara betatests Spellhooking upgrade

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:42 pm
by JollyOrc
That doesn't sound like it would be a major thing, but for Catara it is: We've had our last spellhooking stuff done in what, 2005? There's been a few expansions and a ton of CoPaP changes there. And, alas, Catara and the rest of CoPaP diverged a bit in terms of what is stored in what include file and such.

On top of that, several of Cataras "special" systems and PrCs interface oddly with the spellhooking at some points, so...

...This was a lot of work, and I need a bit of help testing the results.

Head over here to read the details on how to test: ... e=1#Item_2

Thanks folks, and ... GAME ON!