Catara joins CoPaP as World-in-progress

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Catara joins CoPaP as World-in-progress

Post by JollyOrc » Sun Mar 27, 2005 4:58 am


after only three months of building and tentative betatesting, Catara has successfully applied to CoPaP as World In Progress. Feel free to read up on Catara on our main site or visit our forums at . I'm sure you'll receive the server password and location with the next CoPaP newsletter.
A land born out of an insurrection, the kingdom of Catara is struggling to maintain it's place. The mortal humans face a choice: Worship the gods, or join the Cult of Nine, that acknowledges the gods superiority, but refuses to worship them.

Catara is a world where steel has long ago won over magic, but who knows... ...magic might still fight back.

The persistant world of Catara is based on a years long Pen and Paper campaign. The world encompasses a lot of the 'classic' elements of High Fantasy, but also a few twists.

Thanks to it's long background of pen and paper gaming, there is a rich background that allows for political intrigue, heroic deeds in the struggle for the kingdoms indepency, as well as an epic plot involving the last dragons...

To kick off, and to populate our server with native characters before linkup, we have started the

Newbie Housing Drive

This applies to everyone who wants to start a 1st level native character on Catara, and takes the trouble to ensure that the character is embedded into the world.

To qualify, you will have to

Write a detailed biography for your intended character.
This biography should not be less than one printed DIN A 4 page. Your characters motivation, background and surroundings should be described there. Feel free to set names for family members and childhood friends, as well as any enemies he or she may have been made in the past.

Have a team member review this background.
This is done to ensure that what you have created will fit into the concept of the world, and won't disrupt the setting. This is a vital part, as Catara has some very specific boundaries.

You may be asked to rewrite parts to gain compliance. We will be very strict with these backgrounds. Things that are normally allowed or tolerated won't get through here.

If this background gets accepted, you can start to the next step:

Build a "birth house".
This is the house your character has lived in the past years. It will not belong to your character, but to it's family, or a close friend. It may even be some monastery or academy. Thus your character may have an own room inside the building, with an own persistant chest.

Otherwise the building has to be accessible by the public. You are also encouraged to create the NPCs that populate this building. These NPCs have to be friendly and / or family to your PC and be part of your background. Also, the whole place cannot have greate IC influence on the world (So you cannot claim that your best buddy is the King).

Once the building is approved by the team, it will be put into the module.

Actually create your PC
At this point you can create the PC and start playing.

This offer is only valid for one character per player, and only for the first 20 players that apply. (So far we have accepted & imported 2 player inspired buildings: A guild tower of the Brotherhood of the Ring, the mage order of the Cult of Nine, and a dwarven weaponsmith)

See you on Catara !


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Post by Tristan_Durst » Sun Mar 27, 2005 7:57 am

Congrats JollyOrc and Catara stff. Been to your website several times. And I like what I have seen. Might even borrow your "Fame" idea for Arborea ;).


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