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Miranor Server Preview

Post by Celadra » Thu Mar 31, 2005 1:33 am

Well after three months of planning, and a few weeks of slow building, we are ready and proud to open up the first major area of Miranor for preview. The server will be up and running from 1600 GMT-6 (CEN) to 0100 GMT-6 (CEN) on April 8th through April 10th. We do not as of yet, have the resources to keep a 24 hour server.

Our goals for this preview are as follows:
1. Generate interest in creating world links with other CoPaP WIPs and with the already linked worlds. Actual, negotiations on linking will be later, but this is just to generate interest.

2. Generate interest among the NWN player base. Hopefully, some players will just show up to explore and try it.

3. Get feedback from other CoPaP WIPs and Linked Worlds. We want to hear your feedback. Just respect that we do not want our work condemned. We are accepting both positive and negative feedback, but we're not looking for obvious things like "You don't have a 24 hour server." or things just to be mean like "Your server sucks and we hope it never gets off the ground." I don't see that being a problem with you guys.

4. Having people hopefully show us bugs, glitches, and exploits. Then giving suggestions on how we could fix them. It's better if we get this done sooner rather than later when we have more stuff to sift through.

We are currently working on minor storylines for starting level characters. These storylines may or may not be taken into consideration when the server starts running full steam. Also, we are looking for someone to walk us through setting up the quest_o_mat scripts and conversation, as far as getting it set up right and working with the database.

I can already tell you that the crafting system will not be implemented in this preview, nor is it likely that our death system will be active. (Basically if you die, you'll just pop back in the same place with all your gear. The only thing that would cause this though is a DM event.)

This is basically to show what we've got accomplished so far, and to generate interest in our work.

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