Progress Report 8/11/05

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Bruno Knotslinger
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Progress Report 8/11/05

Post by Bruno Knotslinger » Thu Aug 11, 2005 1:37 pm

Since the last (and first) update, things have slowed down a bit. Our world leader has been steadily working on fitting the BIG stuff together, although he did take a short break.

The dynamic spawn system is up and working, although tweaking of it is certainly to take place. A web-based front end for the dymanic spawn system that will allow us to enter in encounters is being developed, and is about half done.

One of our builders has completed 157 areas including 13 towns, mostly along the travel routes in his assigned area. (More may have been built, but I didn't hear from the other builders, so they've missed their chance at glory. Although they can feel free to chime in themselves.)

Persistent map pins have been added and tested. On server reset, areas that are blacked out on the map cover the pins, but they reappear once the area is uncovered again. Not exactly what we'd like, but short of just uncovering every map that a player's visited before (which would be simple enough, but highly abused), it's the best it's going to get. Better than nothing, that's for sure. The thought of also making explored areas visible on the map even after reset crossed our minds, but the thought of the size of the table in the database stopped us cold. (And that's assuming we could even figure out how to access that data.)

Currently we are batting around ideas for our death system, treasure maps, and our teleportation system (which may just incorporate the persistent map pins).

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Re: Progress Report 8/11/05

Post by terror2001 » Thu Aug 11, 2005 4:56 pm

Bruno Knotslinger wrote:One of our builders has completed 157 areas including 13 towns

*flexes muscles*

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