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What is Lost? If you were Lost to Time, could cross the gap?

Posted: Sat Oct 09, 2004 1:52 am
by Old_Ravok
Gat, a Twilig rogue twisted by immortal suffering from some barren, almost forgotten midnight hour - steps onto the blasted sands of the Monolith Outpost. A gust of swirling blackness heaved out of some heavenly fire finishes its spell, and the confused creature blinks in agony at the light - churning his throat in the heat. Bluish sweat pouring into his hair and down his face.

His immediate wish is to hide, to escape! Get out, get out! He blindly starts to run, somewhere... anywhere... and bumps into a Crusader. It must be one, for the thing didn't immediately kill the rogue. "You not killing Gat?" The Twilig cautiously says.

And the Abyssal adventure begins. . .

*End Teaser*