Prayer of the Order of Gorethar

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Jorio Alerian
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Prayer of the Order of Gorethar

Post by Jorio Alerian » Mon Nov 24, 2003 10:55 pm

*The bright, golden hues of the arcane orb of light that elevated above the ground began to pulsate, emitting sparks of light and fire. From the center of the magical orb emerged a weary traveler, disoriented and weak from his extra-planar journey. In his hand clutched the crumpled parchment gifted to him by a human from the other side.

The paper commits to words the faith, passion and belief one single man has in his chosen god. From the mouth of the Blessed Head Cleric came the final instructions to the traveler before he returned to his own world- "If Gorethar is to be found, send for me and I shall come."*

The crumpled parchment reads:

The naked body of a well textured, muscle hardened man lay kneeling on the floor of his temple, bretheren clerics anoint his hands and forehead with scented oil and fermented herbs. His head is awash in water, blessed and sanctified, streaming down his body and covering him whole.

For twelve hours the man kneels silent...praying and meditating. Twelve candles are lit, their flickering flames casting shadows upon the temple walls. Twelve doves are released into the air...circling the city...a symbol of each time the Blessed Cleric of Gorethar had fallen, only to have his divine father in heaven raise him again to see another day.

The man, known to many as Jorio Alerian, opens his mouth to speak... only the stones of the temple can hear his faint whispers and he recites the following prayer.

My Lord Gorethar...

I feel the crash of thunder and the strike of lightning announcing a great storm on the horizon.
I feel the gale force winds sweeping across the desert sands of the wilderness of death.
I feel the cold, empty darkness as it shrouds the enemy.
I feel the enemy, evil seething from every pore, possesed and tainted.

I pray to you O' Battle God, my bastion of light.

I grasp the warm earth and feel the power of life in my callous hands.
I fasten the buckle to my mithril armor, and the strap of my trusty shield.
I raise my mace, its enchanted metal waxes in the light of the moon.
I don my helmet bearing the mark and crest of your name, spreading a ray of light across the battlefield.

I pray to you O' Battle God, my bastion of light.

It has been foretold that the enemy shall march at sundown.
By sunrise my Lord, the light of victory in all its splendor and glory shall reign in your name.


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