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Shara's Story

Posted: Thu May 19, 2005 9:32 am
by Shara Kaiser
Shara's life in Shara's words

Chapter one.

My first memory was that of the cave, wakeing up naked in a cave to which there was nothing, nothing but rocks, slime and dust... Nothing to tell me who I was nothing to tell me what I was...

It was strange, I had memory of a sort, I knew what rock was... I even knew I was in a cave... but past things of the everyday, I knew nothing.
I walked to the mouth of the cave looking out into a blizzard I high up in the mountains, I remember that I knew that the cold would hurt most things... But somehow I knew I would be alright in even the coldest of colds. I streched my arms and my silver ings out, it felt good to flap my wings in the cold, I wiped the dirt and slime of my matalic silver hair, and walked into the blizzard.

For two days I walked searching for any life, I saw a mountain giant at one point but I knew reasoning with it would be a foolish endevor. I came out into some low woods on the third day where I ate my first meal... that I remember haveing... of berrys and a small green plant, I sat and tried to remember what anything... I could not and finally fell into a shallow sleep, and I dreamed... I dreamed of looking up into a Nymphs face, she was singing, I looked over to see a teribble fight between two dragons, one silver one red, then I remeber hearing a a horrid crash and everything starting to fall apart.

Then I awoke... I do not know what this means.

I walked for a day into deeper and deeper woods, wondering about what I was, and what I should do, I realized that I had been walking without any idea where I was going, or any plan what to do when I got their, I sat down and cried...

After a few minutes a small creature came out from behind a tree, it looked at me and gradually came closer and closer I stayed very still and it came right up to me, and I touched it's head with my hand, I wondered if it was a tame creature or if their was something about me that made it trust me... I picked it up and held it petting it, I closed my eyes, and listend to the woods, there was something I liked about it... then I heard something else... something dark I was afraid at first but then I realized that it had always been there... listend to it allowed it to get louder, I felt a rush, and could feel my body heat up, I breathed sharply, and felt somethng break in my hands, I stopped and lookd at the creature I had been petting... I had broken it's neck, for a second looking at it dead in my hands I felt part of me got pleasure from seeing it dead, I shook my-self dropped it and ran. I ran into a clearing with a fair sized pool in it I walked into it and cleaned my self, I wondered why I had killed the creature.. Why? Why would I do such a thing and why did part of me like it?
As I stood in the pool I looked into the water seeing my reflection I smiled, looking at my face, I thought I was quite beautiful, then I noticed something that was out of place... my reflection though looking like me in apperance, she did not return the smile, I froze and realized that there was something else wrong... I turned my head looking at my wings they were silver, looking down at my reflection I saw that they where black as night, that however was not as shocking as what happened next.

Posted: Thu May 19, 2005 6:37 pm
by Shara Kaiser
My reflection narrowed it's eyes and with a voice that seemed to be spoken by water said, "I don't like you. How could you kill that thing! Your a Horrid Creature!" I turned and ran out of the water, scrambling up the side of the bank I ran to the nearest tree sitting at it's base, I pulled my knees up to my chin, spread my wings around me hideing from the world I cried...

It started to rain, I spread my wings just enough to see that the woods became misty and dark, (not the sort of dark from night but rather from heavy fog and cloud cover, (Shara cannot describe what happened next, for really I guess no one could, though very dark, the mist in front of Shara seemed to take a form, not one that is clearly seen but more or less felt and without voice or movement she felt bolth thought and emotion from the thing in front of her, and an entire idea was suddenly within her mind.) I suddenly felt, not at peace but still, strong but weak and open, and within the the time it took for a drop of water to fall from a leaf to the ground infront of me, I knew that I had to keep going, that I had to find out what happened to me, that I had to find my family near or distant to me, that I had much to do, and that though my reflection had spoken to me it would not hurt me, and that I would need to just get used to it. I got up and walked into a direction that had been put into my mind.

And so within a few hours I came to a little jut of rock that when I stood on it I could see far down into a vally, at the edge of the wooded part of the valley I saw a small walled village, and a trail of mudded dirt leading away into the nearby hills, "At last other.. things" I realized that I knew there was creatures something like me in that place, but I did not know how I knew this, I walked down into the wood in the valley, but it started to get very dark now and though I saw well into the night I thought I should rest and wait till the sun came up, for again I ken that that is what I should do before going into that place.
As I slept again I had the dream, the same dream in the exact fasion that I had seen it before, and again I woke with a start, when I did I heard something move off into the woods... I looked after it but saw nothing, I did however see a something new, an odd thing it was it came strait up from the ground, four sides to it, all as smooth as a still pond, with a top also as smooth, there was strange colors and figures on the side of it as well, I found that it was very pleasent to look at and I moved closer. I did not know that it was for or if it had been left their in haste of something leaveing or if it had been left intentionally, I wavered not knowing what to do, I looked closer at the things in color on the side of it, I focused my sight to look closer and barely made out (cause it was still dark) a figure of a dragon silver in color, and a very beautiful women, I could see no wings on her, which made me wonder if all creatures had wings or not. I moved my hand and just touched the box with the tip of my finger. with a slow movement it opened revealing that it had an inside, and within that inside there was something shiny in it. It came over me at the moment I saw it that it was for me, that it was something that I should hold and take care of. I put my hand into it and pulled out a few things after looking at them for a long while I saw that some of the things looked like parts of me, after meny attempts I finally got them all on, and later found out the names for each, There was two boots, each very different from the other, one came up just past my knee and was smooth and soft, the other was very different, it was very hard and covered my entire leg, there was also something that fit atop of the small boot it was long and had a few claps and buttons. There was also a small strip of cloth somewhat hard that went into three directions, it took me meny trys to find out how to put that on. There was also a very long thing that in two places had very shiny little lumps all over it, it went infront of me and then behind around and over my wings and clipped together near them. Two gloves I found as well, one as hard and as long as the boot, and again the other was small and soft like the other boot. When I finally had all the things that I had found in the strange thing on the ground tied and held to my skin something strange happened. My skin became harder and my shoulders sprouted four spikes. I looked down at the thing on the ground but to my shock it was gone! nothing was there...

Posted: Fri May 20, 2005 7:49 am
by Shara Kaiser
I wondered as to what I should do, but I decided to be greatful for this small gift I bent over the spot where the thing had been and said "Thankyou." Then I turned toward the small village and began walking toward it in the morning light.
As I came up on the small village I saw a wall around it, it was at least twice my size and made from trees, as I came apon the muddy trail leading away from the place I saw two creatures moveing a bit of the wall away from the main part of it, These things moveing it were not at all like me or my reflection and they did not have wings, one stood about five and a half feet tall
and the other about six, it was the fact that they had no wings that made my stop for I had realized that I may look like something that they had either never seen before or perhaps even an enemy... The shorter one, the one about my height looked up and stopped working all together and stared at me. This however made the taller one angry because his load had now been doubled, dropping it he yelled at the other one, "Whats all'his about!? Whys you make'en me do's all de works!? (then turning to see what the other one was stareing at he saw me, "Well now, by da nine hells! I never aint seen one'a those before." "Now now" came a voice, "Ter'al you best watch your tounge" another creature came around the corner of the wall, an older looking man with a grey beard, wearing a blue suit of armor under a long grey robe, he looked at me and said, "Well now, that is a sight that you do not see everyday... Ter'al I hope that if a party of orcs come by you will not stand and stare as they burn the town to ashes, good thing this means us no harm. Come now my lady" he said to me, "and we shall see about getting you to a warmer place if you are willing?" he held out his hand to me, I was unsure as to what todo. and did not move. Looking at me and takeing a step closer he said, "Now my good lady, I will not harm you, (looking closer at me) I see that you are not sure of either this place or of us, I am a Paladin of Tyr, I can help you." I decided to trust him and walked forward, he took my hand in a gentle grip, and lead me inside the gate of the wall, looking back at the other two men he said "Please keep your wits about you, since Kira has been missing I wish you would keep a better watch." Ter'al looked at him and said, "But she aint miss'en it be dat wiz'erd dat took her!, and now dis ting comes, is bad luck!" The Paladin turned "Ter'al keep your thoughts within your head" he turned again and lead me into a small building made out of stone.

After the Paladin gave me some water to drink and a large bit of bread, he looked me in the face for a minute and said, "I do not know what you are little one, your wings look like that of a dragon, yet your face looks like that of the nymphs or dryads... what are you and why have you come to this land?" I looked at him and said "I do not know what I am or where I come from. I awoke in a cave, other then that I do not know." He closed his eye's, thought for a bit then said "I am afraid I cannot help you, I fear that I cannot even let you stay here for to long, the people of this village do not like the dryads or nymphs, they think them bad luck and they fear the dragons.... no if I let you stay they shall leave, and with my student missing they are all on edge." "Is that the one you spoke of with that man outside?" "Yes" he said, "Ter'al may not be wise, but he was right, the wizard Renoff has taken her, for a purpose that is bound to be a dark one... Renoffs a wizard you see, and I believe he has taken my student Kira for some sacrifice or experiment. When last I spoke to him about a month ago when he came buy to buy some food from this past harvest, he told me that he was about to change the world with his weapons. However he is a cruel man, he has a dumb mute that he has made his slave, it is horrid how he treats him, but even with all the men from the village I could not confront him, he is a young but powerful wizard... and now I fear my student will die, I'm to old and cannot carry my mace without needing to rest every few minutes, I fear he has won this day... still I will head to his tower and ask he take my life for hers... Whatelse can I do?"
The Paladin got up and walked to the alter, putting his weary hands on the alter, I heard him pray that Tyr send him some aid. I got up silently turned and left the temple without the weary Paladin hearing me. All the way out of the village I hide from the sight of the few people that were outside, untill I got to the gate where I saw Ter'al standing looking out toward the road. "Ter'al" I said "I want you to point me in the direction of the wizard Renoffs tower." Ter'al stared at me for a few moments... his eyes getting lower and lower with every passing moment "Umm you want me ta points a what?" I flapped my wings forward pushing air into his face and almost making him fall over. "Ter'al! where does the wizard live?!" He looked to my face and said, "Oh umm de Wizard lives that way on a hill." He pointed out alittle ways north of the muddy road, as I looked in the direction he pointed I saw a small sliver of a shadow against the sky. I turnded back to see Ter'al looking at me again, I realized that this might be a commen thing I'd half to deal with. I started to run in the direction of the tower.

Posted: Fri May 20, 2005 7:51 am
by Shara Kaiser
After about and hour I was getting very close to the tower, then all at once I started to fear that I had come to late, as the closer I got to it the more screaming I heard, the voice sounded quiet young, and sounded very odd. I ran upto the door and pounded on it, yelling Renoff (the screaming had stopped). With in a few moments the door opened and I suddenly had mixxed feelings about what I saw, there was two small creatures there, bolth red and they would have been about two and a half feet if they were standing upright on the ground, but as it was they were flying with red wings, nothing like mine as theirs way more turned and curved in places and seemed to be ugly and scratched in other places. They let out a bit of a screech when they saw me, one made a small ball of fire in his hand and it came flying at me, I raised my hands to my face, there was a flash, and before I knew what was happening a rope was put around me and I fell and hit the floor. As the creatures tied me up I realized this might be a chance for me to get close to Renoff without fighting, so I went limb and let them pull me to a bright light.

Once in the light one of the flying things said a word and I felt suddenly pulled upward, I saw several floors speed by, then we came to a stop in a room that looked very odd, there was books all about, along with meny candles, bottles filled with things that I did not want to look at for very long, there was also a large stone pit with a fire and steam comeing up from it also near it was a floating hammer, there was a long narrow table near by as well that had bits of cloth and blood dripping from it, and also floating atop the table was a long wide sword, it was pure white with gold glowing markings on it, crouch in a corner their was a man, who (if possible) looked dumber then Ter'al and he looked as if he had been crying. But aside from all this there standing next to the table dressed in a rich robe was a man haveing his arms stretched out to either side of the floating sword was Renoff the wizard, His face had a cruel smile on it. I now noticed a sound I had thought had come from the portal thing that had taken us up to this floor, but now looking at the sword in front of Renoff I saw that the sound was coming from it, and after a second I understood what it was, it was the same screams that I had heard from Kira as I had come up to the tower, but now the screams sounded like it was being made by metal. This had all taken a second for me to notice and now Renoff noticed us. "I have done it! I HAVE DONE IT!" screamed Renoff "SOUL AND BODY! Crafted into a Blade! AHH HAHA! I shall rule this land with these weapons!... What are you two doing here!? (looking to the creatures) I told you two imps not to come into my labratory untill I called fo-... hmmm what is this?" he said looking at me, "We's catch it! for yous master!" screech the imp, "Yes Yes for you! for you!" screeched the other. Renoff stood over me, studying me for a few moments "I see you have brought me a cross bread... Excellent! I will Craft another weapon before noon!" he yelled, the poor half wit in the corner began to shake at this moment, (He seemed to be protesting) Renoff picked up a book near by and threw it at him, "YOU SHUT UP! Or they will whip you again" (pointing to the imps) the half wit again started to cry and hid his face, "Now pick that book up!" Renoff yelled at him. Renoff pulled out a wand and suddenly there was a ring of greenish fire around me, "Now stay their" he said with a smile that ment no good at all, "While I think of what to make you into haha! Perhaps an axe hmmm? Get those wings to do the cutting. You see my bastard child there? Haha! The Paladins student turned into a Bastard sword, rather funny I thought." he turned and picked up another book. I sat their not knowing what to do, when I heard a voice crying again, then I heard "why me why me... why would he let this happen to me?" I looked around and saw that no one else had heard it, for thier was no response by the wizard or the two imps flying beside him or even by the half wit crying while he tried to pick up the book, I realized I heard the voice more in my head then from my ears, I looked at the sword still floating above the table, in my mind I whispered... "Kira is that you?" suddenly the crying stopped and the sword moved ever so slightly to the side, I was able to see the hilt, the very end of the blade there was a disc that had the face of a very young women on it. "Your Kira right? The Paladin in training?" "Yes" the blade said without so much as moveing as a mought would but more or less flexing the metal it was made out of. "I'm Kira... or whats left of her.. who are you?" "My Name is Shara... other then that I do not know anything, of my past or what I am, I came apon your village, and your teacher told me of what happened, he had wanted to come and save you by offering himself for you, but I believe that Renoff would have just taken him as well. So I came to help you." The sword seemed to think for a moment... "The Paladin was wrong! How could anything good let this happen to me? "Well I think that this life is not fair, and justice does not always come to those that need it... but I believe vengeance you may still get... would you help me?" Kira thought apon this for a time then said "Yes! Vengeance I want! Vengeance I will give to All those that do wrong!" "Good" I said, "because we may only have one chance at this." (I realized later that something within me allowed me to hear Kira, even later then that I found out it was my mothers blood that did that, the blood of the nymphs.)
I closed my eyes.. I listened to that voice again.. the dark one that had made me strong before... I felt my entire body go hot all at once, I ripped the robe that was around my hands then about my legs. The Wizard turned to see me up, I bent forward and screamed, I felt my tongue hit the top of my mouth and something rush up from my chest and out from under my tongue! Out came a blast of somethign so cold that the two imps froze in mid flight and fell to the floor with a crash breaking into bits, Renoff hit hard by the cold still must have been protected by something for he still stood, Kira stopped floating and hit the table point first, the ring of fire around me faded and almost went out but stayed. Ranoff said someting and the ice left him, thought his skin was cracked and bleeding. His face showed pure hate, "Your ice will not harm me now" Renoff sneered. I felt something else within me, I smiled and roared again this time fire came out. Renoff caught on fire and started to burn and scream, the ring of fire around me faded I jumped forward and grabbed Kira, turned and drove her into Renoff. A charge of magic hit Renoff, he fell backwards standing for a moment, Kira said "This is what your Bastard can do" Renoff screamed as the magic charge was unleashed, blowing what was left of his side out over the floor... There was a sound behind us, Kira saw him first, the half wit. She turned my hand, I screamed "No, Kira he did nothing!" As I turned I saw to late the half wit, who had been smileing at his masters death, now had a slash across his chest, the charge still gathering in him. he stumbled backward into the window and out of it, I ran to the window to see him hanging from the bottom of the window by his hands, "Kira! No he was a victim, as you were! Don't do this!" "He was here!" Kira screamed. "As a Slave!" I said "It does not matter, and I do not care." With that she let the charge do the damage, and a moment later I saw his life-less body at the base of the tower. I looked at Kira, though still white, a red glow now hung around her. Hearing a noise at the door and seeing a gruop of people comeing from the village I thought it best to flee. "Hold on" I said to Kira "To what?" she said. I jumped out the window and spread my wings, I did not dare to flap them, it was all I could do to glide down to the ground, and keep from falling. Hitting the ground rather hard, I got up and ran away toward a swamp.

After we had ran for a time and when we came to a large brush Kira and I talked. "I don't want to go home... I don't want them to see what I have become." "I understand... what would you like to do then?" I asked. Kira thought for a moment... "I want to go with you... I want to help you." I smiled "Very well, maybe we can find a way to get you back to normal." "Maybe" she said "Maybe I like being like this... I would like a new name." I thought for a moment "I shall name you X'Kirassix" "I like it." she said.

Posted: Wed May 25, 2005 3:11 pm
by Shara Kaiser
The next day just as the sun was setting we entered the swamp, It was a smelly place and I knew that no one would follow us into it. "Are the bugs biteing you? X'Kirassix asked. "No.. I don't think I'm their kinda food. Do you know anything about this place?" "Not really, I know that my teacher said this place was known to have the walking dead and and trolls... I also know that there was a city around here long ago, but it is empty and sunk into the swamp." I thought for a bit. "X'Kirassix I am unsure as to where to go... am I going to be hated everywhere?" "I would not use the people at the village as a guide line for what most people are like.. as they are very superstitious people. I did not grow up there, The Paladin brought me from a large city, I was an orphan there. I do not remember much of it, or how to get there." "Well I'd like to explore this place I would like to find this old sunken city just for the fun of it."
So deeper into the swamp we walked untill we found a large dead tree, I climbed up it and there I slept. I was awoken by X'Kirassix makeing a sound, something like metel twisting along with a sharp voice in my mind that said "Shara Wake up!" I opened my eye's to see tha it was still dark and that a very heavy fog had fallen upon the swamp. "What is it?" I asked. X'Kirassix put a thought into my head to look down, there near the base of the tree was two very tall trolls, they were makeing clicking chattering sounds. Within a moment there came out of the fog another creature, a shorter figure with a long robe and a hood pulled over it's head. It came up to the two trolls and said something so low and quiet I did not understand what it said. One of the trolls answered in a very broken commen speech, "Yesses weees sho yous tees plass yous wants see. Buts yous giv firsts" The cloaked figure handed the troll a bag then said something else that made the trolls seem to get mad, but they soon calmed down and then the troll that spoke before said. "Yesses yous follos us'es" and off they began walking into the fog. "I wonder where they are going... I want to follow them" X'Kirassix responded "I don't think this is a good idea, first of all it's bad enough to be following two trolls it's worse when there is another creature that can boss them around, We should leave them be." I slide off of the tree and opened my wing floating to the ground I responded. "Well I want to have some fun, besides I think I can more quite quietly I don't think they will ever know that I'm following them." going low to the ground I began tracking after the trolls and their unknown friend. "Alright but I think it's a bad idea." said X'Kirassix.
After following them for about a half an hour they reached a spot where the the ground became hard and a bit of it went up in a little curve over the water and mush on the ground. One of the trolls looked over at the cloaked figure and said "Wees gettses claas." They kept going and when I came to that they stopped at I saw that it was an old bridge. "X'Kirassix they are going to the city, they are leading us right to it." "I still think it's a bad Idea" We went on for some time, and soon came to what looked like a massive old tree with no branches, the others only looked at it for a moment and kept walking, when I got to it I saw that it was not a tree but a massive pillar, almost buried in the muck there was a tip of a stone hand holding a broken sword I realized that the statue used to be on top of the pillar. Going on from there we soon entered the remains of the city, meny of the buildings had mostly sunk into the swamp. The Trolls and their friend had gone off one way, I decided I wanted to scout on my own. The fog seemed to be worse here, I came to the first building that I was able to find that was still above the slime and muck of the swamp. Entering it I found some rotted books, tables, chairs and containers filled with webs and bits of long dead bugs. "I told you this was a bad idea, there is nothing here, just junk and smelly dead things" I looked at X'Kirassix "You can smell?" She sighed "Yes at times" "hmm Well there is bound to be something here we can use" "Not likely" X'Kirassix said. We left the house and headed to another and another still only finding rot and bugs. After awhile of looking I heard some voices comeing, it was the trolls and the other creature! I ducked down beside some rubbel, they came to the corner of the house right beside the rubble, though I could not see them I ow heard very clearly. "Wees luks hard, theres be nos ways intas that place" said the one troll, then the cloaked figure spoke. "The Gate seems to have the magic still protecting, which is good... if the gate and lock are still intact then the orb must still be inside. You will gather as meny stones and place them against the wall, we will build a bridge into that place, Now go! I do not wish to smell this swamp anymore then I need to." The trolls wondered off into the swamp, And I now had something to do, I had to find this gate and see what this orb thing was all about. I went around the other side of the building and followed the tracks in the swamp and muck... comeing upto a very high wall I did not need to follow the tracks anymore for around the corner I found a gate, Large and strong it was as hard steel and and there was no opening in it what so ever. "Well how are you going to enter it?" X'Kirassix asked. "I smiled my dear little girl you seem to forget something." I turned and looked about, I saw a high house near by, "That should do." I said. I walked toward it as X'Kirassix said, "Oh no, your not going to try it." I climbed up the side of the building and stood upon the highest point of it. "I think your gonna fall." X'Kirassix mocked. "Don't worry... If I do you'll break my fall." With that I jumped off spreading my wings I gave a good flap and just passed over the tip of the wall, glideing down into a court yard of a large building, I saw that this place was very different from the area outside. The walls were intact and there was almost no sign of the swamp out side, I walked toward the door way that lead into the temple. The door was also fast shut but it was made out of wood and showed sings of rot. X'Kirassix smirked "Now What?" I placed my shoulder against the door and began to push, the door creaked and snapped, I pushed harder and there was more snapping sounds and with a dull heavy crack a large part of the door broke open. "There all it needed was a bit of a oush thats all." X'Kirassix seemed troubled, "Even with the rot it would have taken two men to do that... Your alot stronger then you look." I did not respond to her.
Within the temple I noticed a dull light comeing from the alter and some other objects. I walked about untill I found a passage leading up to the back of the temple. I followed the passage that lead up to a small room. In the room there was a large plain mirror and infront of it there was a small narrow stand. Upon this stand there sat a small orb, Black it was, yet I could see myself within it, it seemed to reflect all around it. Thats when I heard a voice.
"I still don't like you!" I jumped up looking behind me I thought it was the man with the trolls but nothing lay behind me, the voice spoke again... "But I need your help." I turned to see my reflection looking at me from the mirror. Her eyes narrowed, "I need your help, take the stone! and come here!" I stood not knowing what to do. When a voice from behind me sounded. "You there! I though I felt someone following me, Why are you here?" I turned to see the cloaked figure standing there with the trolls behind him, his voice sounded deep and very dark, his face from what I could see was pale white and there was a hint of crimson cloth under his cloak. I turned to look at my reflection again, She looked back at me and said "Come Aid Me Now!" "What is this?" Hissed the man behind me, "What magic is this?" "Take the Orb! Come here! Please!" Cried my Reflection. "What! No Don't touch it!" The man screamed. I grabed the orb, and ran toward the Mirror. Something odd happened next, as the man and the two trolls came toward me I reached the mirror and my Reflections hand came out of the mirror and grabbed me, pulling me in to the mirror, a sudden force of wind hit me, I felt cold and darkness came.