Zorlan needs Scripters, Builders and DMs

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Zorlan needs Scripters, Builders and DMs

Post by mariadoc » Tue Oct 19, 2004 1:43 am

At Zorlan, a new CoPaP World-in-Progress, we are in need of Scripters, Builders and DMs (not so much). We´ve plenty of storywriters yet, but if you´re really good, we´d love to take you into Zorlan´s Team.
If you´re interested, mail me at mariadoc at zorlan dot tk or fantasylandssite at hotmail dot com ( mariadoc@zorlan.tk and fantasylandssite@hotmail.com )

I hope we´ll see you soon as one of our fellow team members!
Mariadoc, Zorlan´s World Leader.
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