Ever actually WANT to join the Harpers?

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Ever actually WANT to join the Harpers?

Post by Old_Ravok » Sat Oct 09, 2004 2:00 am

Moonshae has enabled me to help those who are roguish in nature do some good. I believe that we are set up to do some really fun things as a group there, and when we link up, you may be able to have under your belt one of the most difficult and least respected PrC backgrounds on your resume.

Be in the darkness, spy on the spies, see who is on the take, and who is about to break. And do it using underhanded government authority. Is the Thieve's Guild breaking their contracts? Be the Insider.

Or perhaps you prefer Diplomacy. Go on missions from High Druids to send vital information on to City Officials regarding anything from Mages Opening Demon Portals, to Rogue Druids attempting to "Unbalance" nature through Chaos.

Or become a Citizen, warning Druid Societies about hunger in the streets, overpopulation, and possible increases in Highway Banditry, or Undead.

Anything is possible, if you don't die before you speak...
If ya can't beat em, join em, then find a bunch of others who CAN - and be a good little wuss and beat em backstab style. ;-)

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