Subcontractor for NPCs wanted.

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Subcontractor for NPCs wanted.

Post by JollyOrc » Tue Nov 15, 2005 9:36 am

We'rein need of a number of NPCs for a dueling arena in a certain place on Catara. To make the arena as exciting as possible, there are some specifications and limitations:

- NPCs should offer a broad spectrum of challenges, suitable to all levels. Over a spread of level 1 to level 20 we should have at least 5 different ones, but more is preferable.
- NPCs can be tooled to take on a specific class.
- There are no limitations on races or classes, or on anything else for that matter. Feel free to use outsiders as well as more boring native creatures. The only limitation is that the NPCs must be intelligent enough to enlist as gladiators on their own.
- The NPCs will be fighting in single combat at all times, allow for this in their choice of feats and skills.
- Don't go too wacky. There's a lot of freedom here, but these NPC are to be geared towards taking on Catara PCs, in the Catara background. If it's too fruity what you came up with we'll not import it.

If you're interested in building some of these NPCs, or you have some lying around already that you'd like to see on Catara, then send me or Sindol a PM on these boards / our boards at
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