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Avlis Kurathene Fief Needs Builders, Coders

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 8:33 pm
by Gloknall
Greetings all,

Currently Avlis has launched the City Of Kuras server, its seventh! w00t!

In time a number of player lead fiefdoms will be connected to it and the War for dominance of the Kurathene Empire will begin. Recently I have been tasked with finishing the Medec Fiefdom, a traders paradise originally built by Jolly Orc. It will lay in a cental location in the Empire and act as a hub for many of the Fiefs. The Mod is almost entirely built, all that needs doing is adding the atmosphere and mood which defines any good server. The Medec team needs area builders, especially those handy with the Conversation editor and coders for some light coding work (mostly just quest scripting stuff). If your intrestred in joining our effort and having a ton of fun fleshing out a truly beautiful mod, please PM me.