Equipment Failure in Development

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Equipment Failure in Development

Post by teleri » Mon Nov 29, 2004 9:15 pm

This does not effect the running MOD.

I lost over the thanksgiving weeked, Thursday Thanksgiving day, to be exact the Hard Drive and MainBoard on my Development station. I have all the data backed up and did not loos anything but development is delayed till I replace both pieces. Both are under warrenty but will take up to 2 months to have a warrenty replacement so I am purchacing new parts.

Again This does not Effect the running MOD.

Any CoPaP pieces I have been working on have been impacted as well...
including -->
Hides list
ValtSTER Linux work
Testing MistCallers changes in properties
Fixing the Dissapearing NPC issue
Noterity system
Discription in game updater
ToolSet Menu systems for CoPaP Worlds

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