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Fixed bugaboos

Post by teleri » Thu Oct 21, 2004 5:57 pm

List of fix items/work items done
  • Fixed several bugaboos and other annoyances.
  • goats and sheep no longer talk.. need to get a voice set for them ...baa
  • Have several added bits.
  • Updating the death plane to match the outerplanes (:
  • Removed several Avlis specific referances.
  • Fixed several transition bugs.
  • Added a bunch of new monsters.
  • Increased the spawntimes on almost all of the monsters.
  • Reduced the gold drop amounts.
  • Added 2 new areas.
  • Fixes some small issues in the NPC scripts.
  • Imported some small scripts to test a "consistant weather system for the outlands server".
More updates on the outlands web site


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