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Outlands Announcment

Post by teleri » Fri Aug 27, 2004 12:50 am

Welcome to the most frequent questions about the Outlands Persistant World Server.

Outlands server is in the process of building the live first area consisting of the Gate town of Glorium and the surrounding areas. We will be going live with small amount of content which we hope will be found to be very intereting and consistant to the Planescape Multiverse.

As the name implies the main focus is the outlands or the plane of true neutral. We begin by building out the gate towns Starting with Glorium and moving to Plague-Mort and Ribcage then Sylvania, Faunel, Ecstasy, Xaos, Bedlam, Hopeless, Torch, Rigus, Automata, Fortitude, Excelsior, and Tradegate. Why this order some will ask well with Glorium, Plague-Mort, and Ribcage there are already CoPaP worlds to connect to so we will be providing a link for those Persistant Worlds at the World leaders discrescion.

SIGIL where is Sigil? YES we are going to make Sigil for the CoPaP. The main gate to Sigil in the Outlands is in Tradegate which is why Tradegate is our projected last gate town to build before bringing Sigil into play. We will be building Sigil the entire time we build out the rest of the outlands so we hope it meets everyones expectations.

Offers of help are gladly accepted. There are some rules that are coming into effect for the developemnt of the Outlands server code which I will share with anyone intereted in contributing. To contribute please send me a PM here I will be setting up mail accouts for contributors at the web server location.

Web presance. The DNS should cut over sometime and we will be at Great Ring or to copy and paste http://www.greatring.net. We will have a portal, BBS, mailing list, and Bugtracker (just like everyone else (: )


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