I am back.....

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I am back.....

Post by Jaguar » Mon Aug 30, 2004 3:57 pm

Hey everyone....

I want to first thank everyone for their kind words.... It was hard to get thru losing all I lost but THANK GOD Coug and I share our iunformation on a regular basis and he had a recent copy of the mod (my baby.. heheh)

It's been pretty rough.. I just built the new main PC and received my new laptop which will be myh workstation. It took me a good week to get the desktop stable (UUUGGGGHHHH) and now I FINALLY have the laptop to the point where I can work on the mod and play a bit....
Now all I need is to change the 24 hour clock so I can DO SOMETHING on it.. hehehee
Life changed a lot for me when everything happened... and am glad BC could pick the ball and move forward (Love ya man..)
I am going to try to stat devoting sometime like before to moving this mod further in it's construction.. I am just VERY MUCH in the dark as far as the base core of what COPAP is running so this is going to be a HUGE learning curve for me.... (2 steps forward and 3 back).

ANY and ALL help will be MUCH appreciated.... Treat me like a NOOB.. I don't care... But this is very foreign...
I also have to read up on NWNX which I believe you all are running.. My main pc has XP Pro SP2 on it and I think I will try doing a bit of hosting for testing purposes like before. I just have to get NWNX running on it..
Umm... what else.... Well, if I left anything out, I am sorry....

Thank you again for all of your kind words... and a special thanks to my bro COUG... Wouldn't be where we are now without you man....



Post by Guest » Tue Aug 31, 2004 6:36 am

Glad to see your back and on your feet again :wink:

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