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Initial Update

Post by hermyt » Mon Dec 01, 2003 3:50 pm

Ok, got the forum now I guess I'll give a quick update on our status.

We're not ready ;)

Currently we have about 140 area online but there's plenty of work and the server is pretty sparse.

The quest generator is taking up most of my scripting time at the moment. I'm coding a system that will randomly produce quests, from various points and npcs and factions to various other points and npcs and factions. Quests will range from bounty hunting, assassinations, delivery (fed ex), theivery, diplomacy, faith conversions, purification rituals, crafting and research, retreival(theivery not in urban environment), healing and curing, guarding (either a location or an npc, and possible along long journeys such as caravans), espionage, and scouting/reconnaisance.

All the flowcharts for those are done, the core systems for the script package are completed, there's only about 12 of an initial 60+ scripts to finish, and currently bounty hunting and delivery missions are functional. The quests are all persistent and utilize the journal.

Next the death system needs to be done, it will be VERY akin to avlis with a few changes and tweaks based on another death system script package that I wrote priorly. Mostly it will be VERY similar to avlis with just a few changes.

Then the only other core system that needs to be handled is the treasure system. The basic treasure system is in, but it requires a moderate amount of modification on my part to make it compliant with avlis systems, its a different core system based off niahs visual treasure system, which is very easily configurable even ingame. All that I need to do is repack the basic inventories for the treasure spawners, and then write a wrapper script to ensure 100% avlis compliant standards for treasure generation.

After those three basic core systems have been completed then we will be entering beta testing and would appreciate some help. Note though that before we go live after testing there will be a full vault wipe on characters as the treasure system or xp system might need tweaking to make sure its operating by proper standards. And during testing we will not be connected to other copap servers, so it would be standalone testing on the server.

Thats a brief intro and update for those interested, if people are interested in joining our testing team then just pm me and I'll get back to you.

Eventually before we go live, we will probably be interested in recruiting at least one or two dm's, but if other people are interested in contributing, we're also considering applications for helping with the building. If you're interested in either pm me and give me a rundown on your skills and experience and we'll talk.


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