Looking for a few good men...

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Looking for a few good men...

Post by hermyt » Mon Jun 14, 2004 9:09 pm

Well, The Moonsea is starting to come alive, but there's alot of work to be done to flesh out the world and make it come alive, and its alot of work for a team thats going to be down a man here soon as Jester will be out of Commission for a while. In light of that we're interested in polling for some extra talent and hands that would like to help shape our little section of Faerun, if anyone with any skills as far as area building, NPC building and conversations, and website design (as my skills in that area are subpar at best) is interested in helping out, then we're interested in hearing from you. Scripters are also welcome to apply, although I do all scripting myself, still insofar as quest building goes they can definitely lend a hand.

If anyone is interested send me an email with moonsea in the title, to cornundrum@hotmail.com


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