The "Plug your World" thread

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The "Plug your World" thread

Post by Anniko » Wed Nov 10, 2004 10:29 pm

As suggested by Orleron here: viewtopic.php?t=469
Orleron wrote:My take on it is that you should go live whenever you feel like it. Only have 40 well-fleshed areas? Go for it. If you hire a DM or two, you should be able to give people things to do. If you make it so the players have a strong world history and political landscape to interact with, they will stay long enough for you to add the areas and quests. BUT, you also gotta advertise your world like a frigg'n fiend of a PR whore, or you will not get enough players at all. That is something I wish more CoPaP leaders would understand, and some do, but it is the main reason why you see the most players on Avlis and not on the other worlds at this point. Because we advertise way way more. It's NOT because these other worlds have less stuff than us. Each of the worlds connected to CoPaP has enough culture and history in its own right to keep players. They just need to make the effort.
So, get plugging.


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