Having Trouble Logging Into the Forum?

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Having Trouble Logging Into the Forum?

Post by Themicles » Sat Aug 05, 2006 10:15 am

With the updates to the forum, there were some major changes.

Most login problems are cookie related. The old cookie is not compatible with the latest updates.

The first thing to try is delete your cookies. Anything with copap in the name... and quite possibly ones with phpBB in the name. Be warned that phpBB cookies could be for any phpBB forum that never modified their cookie settings.

The next thing to try if that does not work, is to use our contact form at portal.php?getpage=contact to send an e-mail to the staff with a full description of the problem. Including what happens before, and after you attempt to log in. Which page do you see after trying to log in, any error messages. Etc.
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