CoPaP / Avlis - dead / malware

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CoPaP / Avlis - dead / malware

Post by rollory »

Two issues.

1) navigating to, or searching for it in google, gives malware warnings. This has been the case for at least a month. Was not the case 6 months ago.

2) the contact link at the bottom of the "General" section of links on the CoPaP home page gives a 404. (Which is why I'm making this post instead of trying to contact people directly)

Who's maintaining all this?
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Post by Themicles » is not owned by nor maintained by the same people that own and maintain The now defunct Contact page here is not the appropriate place to get a hold of Avlis staff. If you're concerned about a malware warning and don't want to try to contact Avlis staff at their website, you may try IRC. The best address to use for Stratics IRC these days is and the channel to join would be #avlis.

I believe the e-mail address also should work.

FYI, I tested with Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer with and without Avast's add-on running. None report anything to do with malware. You should run a virus scan yourself and verify that you don't have malware on your own computer attempting to redirect your connection to a hostile server, or insert hostile code into web pages you load.
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Post by TripleAught »

Thank you for letting us know about this. We haven't had any other complaints about this kind of warning to the Avlis site. I will monitor to see if anyone else has this issue, but right now like Themicles says, it would be a good idea to check your own computer.
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