Deities in The Gray Waste

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Deities in The Gray Waste

Post by Sarmanos » Mon Nov 29, 2004 1:30 am

For the most part you can choose any deity in either linked worlds or from the general DnD pantheon(Hextor, Vecna, Heironeous, etc...). However I do have one god excluse to Hades......that god is.....

Worshipper Alignment: Any.
Domain:That which is never known.
Description:Little is known about Zo except for its name. No one even knows what Zo stands for but somehow clerics who pray in the name of Zo recieve divine magic. Some speculate that Zo is an uber deity that cares little for mortal or even planar happenings. Others say that its power is over things that are meant to never be known until the end of time. No one knows for sure. All they know is this....Zo is Zo.

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