Standard Scripts recompile

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Standard Scripts recompile

Post by Mistcaller » Mon Oct 25, 2004 8:07 am

Something I wasnt aware of and I though I should post it here. Taken from bioware boards: ... =47&sp=105
Lilac Soul wrote: I'm obviously not a dev, but in case you're looking for confirmation, I'll provide it:

If you edit an include file (standard or custom, doesn't matter), you'll get no effects in the game if the scripts using that include file haven't been recompiled.

All scripts existing in your temp0 directory (the ones packed in the .mod file) are recompiled when using the build menu option. This included standard scripts you've previously edited, of course, since they're technically no longer 'standard' but 'custom'.

There's no easy way to compile the default BioWare scripts with your changes to a default include file. I've just now (less than an hour ago) released a tool on the Vault that let's you search through BioWare standard scripts. That should make the job at least a little easier.

However: IT'S GENERALLY A BAD IDEA TO MODIFY STANDARD INCLUDE FILES! One reason for this is the dependencies of the include files - if BioWare changes anything in the structure of the include files, that can break your ability to compile scripts using standard include files. TRUST ME ON THIS! Half the bug reports on this forum when HotU / 1.60 was released weren't bugs at all, but were related to people editing the include files.

Since you're going to be opening all the scripts using the include file anyway, you might as well just change the #include directive in all of them to include a renamed, edited copy of the include file you were altering. It's safer.

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