Need Team For New World

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Need Team For New World

Post by Mabus » Fri Oct 13, 2006 11:03 am

Sigil - City of Doors

Team Members Needed:
*Lead Scripter
*Lead DM
*Lead Graphical Artist

Lead Builder will be myself.

Also need someone with the willingness and ability to host the world and possibly take care of successfully linking Sigil to the other CoPaP world(s) when the time comes.

The "City Outside" zones are 50% done, and a few inside zones.

If interested send me a PM with questions or stating your interest.

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Post by Zenosaga » Sat Oct 21, 2006 9:56 am

Actually, the Outlands PW has already created the Outlands outer plane, which will include Sigil (I'm pretty sure it's not up yet, as the Outlands has been having numerous problems as of late). It would probably be better for you to join their team as a builder; that way everything would be internally consistent and organized, since Sigil is technically a part of the Outlands. I'm sure they would really appreciate your help.

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Post by jaythespacehound » Mon Oct 23, 2006 4:57 pm

Indeed, Mabus it would be great if our two worlds could merge.
We have not started Sigil, and are having trouble at the moment due to lack of builders, and exams for a few of us at the moment.

Send me a PM if you're interested, my speciality is scripting, and my building skill is nonexistant... ;)

Thank you Zenegosa for replying to this, takes me a while to keep up with things at present.


Outlands WL?

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