looking for help on a script-re rolling

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looking for help on a script-re rolling

Post by charr »

hi there im looking for a script that does a few things (if possible in the same conversation as 1 2 3 options like in a normal conversatoin) what i want to do is A) be able to redo the pervious lvl of the character and B) be able to reroll the whole character.. the only thing i dont want it to do is be able to reroll a RDD and PM

thanks for help
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Post by Arkonswrath »

Probably looking in the wrong place for this. So far as I know, no worlds in CoPaP authorize this kind of activity. Though perhaps one of our nicer coders will be willing to hook you up. *shrugs*
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Post by dougnoel »

I suggest you look on http://www.nwvault.com for 'trainers'. You should be able to find something.

If you want to re-level a character, you must set his XP to the level you want him to revert to. The scripting command for this is SetXP(). I should warn you though that re-rolling characters can cause corruption, and sometimes characters who change classes do not lose class benefits that they should. Since you cannot re-roll server vault characters, and you can do whatever you want with localvault characters, I suggest you just re-create your chaarcter and use a trainer to make him the way you want. It'll be quicker in the end. Another option is to Leto your chaarcter (do a search for 'Leto' on nwvault) which will allow you much more customization.
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Post by Starslayer_D »

Not too bad training module: The Advanced Halls of Training deluxe.

I use them to play around with char development...
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