New CoPaP Staff Position Available

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New CoPaP Staff Position Available

Post by Orleron » Mon Jan 03, 2005 3:11 pm

The Confedration of Planes & Planets (CoPaP) is pleased to announce the creation of the very first official CoPaP staff position. This is a position that spans all of the member worlds of CoPaP, serving no one world in particular, but rather all of them at once.

The position is for Zero Module Coordinator, and the description and requirements of the job are as follows:

* Keep the CoPaP Zero Module up-to-date with all systems imports

* Coordinate with the Avlis Team and other Teams to make sure all systems are included in the module as they are created.

* Coordinate with Legends of Toril to make sure the contact from their organization keeps their Toril Zero Mod up-to-date with new systems.

* Assist new CoPaP worlds in setting up the Zero Mod and converting their work to it.

* Write and keep documentation on the Zero Mod up to date on a wikki that we have set up already


* Must be able to code

* Must know their way around the toolset

* Must be able to work with team members from multiple staffs

* Must become proficient with all CoPaP systems, and have the ability to add new ones into the Zero Mod

* Must be focussed on the task

**** Must not allow work on another specific PW to take priority over this job. If they get this job, it is their main task and all others are secondary.****

If interested in applying, copy/paste the application below into an email or PM and send it to me here on these boards or to

Good luck!

Code: Select all

Application for The Confederation of Planes & Planets Staff

(All fields are required.) 

First Name: 
Last Name:

Phone number: 
Timezone (+/- GMT):


Gamespy Username: 
Your IP address (if applicable): 
CoPaP Boards Name: 

This application is for the position of Zero Module Coordinator.

List all programming languages you know and how long you’ve worked with each: (attach additional sheets as necessary) 

Have you ever worked as a programmer professionally? ___ Yes __ No 

If yes, what kind of programming did you do? 

Have you ever been a DM/Game Master for a pen and paper game? 
__ Yes ___ No 

If yes, how many years/months experience with DM’ing/GM’ing do you have? 

How familiar are you with 3rd Edition D&D rules? 

Do you have any web design experience?  ___Yes ___ No 

If yes, what kind? 

What do you like about CoPaP? 

What do you think needs to improve on CoPaP? 

How has your playing experience, if any, been on CoPaP? 

What is your general take on role-playing, gaming, and character portrayal?

What is your general take on grief players, disruptive players and trouble makers? 

If you had the permission, what would you implement on CoPaP? (This could be a form of quest, an area, a website, a policy, anything) 

How much time would you be able to devote (per day, week, etc) for producing CoPaP content? 

How do you feel about intellectual property, copyrighting and theft of ideas?

Do you have anything else to add?


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