Maztica joins CoPaP!

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Maztica joins CoPaP!

Post by Orleron » Mon Jun 28, 2004 2:25 pm

The famous creators of Maztica content at have just now been voted into CoPaP! This union brings a great amount of talent into the organization, and greatly expands the multiverse we are building together. Head over to their forums and say hello, and check out some of their work! Maztica will be part of our Toril subset of CoPaP, called Legends of Toril.

"My name is Orleron...a dungeonmaster...two years ago I got shot through a game client...I'm in a distant part of the internet aboard these servers of escaped mental players. I've made enemies, stupid, and all I want to do is make CoPaP a reality, to warn Earth...Look inward(to your monitor) and share the newbies I've seen..."

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