Novus Terrarum now up to 138 Areas

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Novus Terrarum now up to 138 Areas

Post by Arcsylver » Thu Jun 17, 2004 2:45 pm

With the addition of our new Temple interiors Novus Terrarum is now up to 138 areas.

Some of our features include:

A large central city to start out in.
A city of undead.
An Island city with underground areas to explore.
A many forest areas to explore.
A database driven Spawn system that is "on the fly" configurable by our DM staff that allows spawning of anything with a resref.

We will soon be adding in the autobic system for custom races and we hope to offer lesser undead as a player race as well as a few other custom races perhaps.

Coming in the future:
Numerous Quests as well as merchants with many unique items to choose from.
Class specific quests that will use the skills of the class to solve the quest.
Spawns galore!!!

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