New CoPaP world seeks Quest builders and Coders:

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New CoPaP world seeks Quest builders and Coders:

Post by Baron » Fri Oct 28, 2005 9:47 am

The Copap world of Ithilla is seeking persons interested in contributing content to a new and upcoming Copap concept. Spelljamming...
Some several thousand years ago there was a cataclysm. For in this crystal sphere two worlds were on course to collide.... one of the worlds, whose name is lost unto time, had upon it a thriving race of peoples, all of whom perished upon the fateful day that the two worlds met.

When they did, they at first coalesced much like two overripe fruit would when thrown at each other, but that lasted only for a blink of the eye before the light of the sun was eclipsed ever so briefly by the cataclysmic explosion that followed.

Fragments of both worlds were hurled about space and over time these pieces cooled and fell into the patterns we recognize today.

Years passed, then the star farers came...spelljammers of all types began the exploration of the sphere, which contained no inhabited planets any longer. One of these vessels was a small Illithid ship...commanded by a particularly rapacious member of that race, found an asteroid that by some miracle still held a thin atmosphere.

He claimed it as his own...over time, others of his race came, and with their plunder they came. A base of operations for plundering other spheres was created. All run by His Most Fearsome Self. Soon other spelljamming races found this post...and it was built to accommodate them so that trade could take place...and Ithilla was born.

Over time, Ithilla grew to be a thriving trade center. The rough ovoid that is the asteroid upon which the port rests is simply Ithilla..its thin atmosphere means that the surface is blazing hot on its daylight side and freezing cold on its night side. Over time, ships have come here and never left...the useless contents dumped on the sands of the wastes, including any animal cargo. Over the years these creatures inhabited the wastes of Ithilla, and the Darks as well.

Many creatures were imported, for the amusement of the Ithillids, these creatures were often used in the gladiatorial games they often force their slaves to participate in. The halls of the Darks and the Sands of the Wastes are surprisingly well populated.

Few live on the surface of the asteroid. Itinerant miners and rovers of the wastes mostly, congregating in small rough communes and villages. Smugglers have been known to try to set down in out of the way places, but the ithillids seem to always know about it.

Ithilla itself is now home to many races, none of them native originally but many have bore children on this small worldlet. Each race seemingly carved out a small niche on this rock hurtling through the sphere. The largest population is that if Illithids themselves...the center of Ithilla is off limits to all except they do whatever it is they do in the security of their compound. Often times though, visitors and native alike disappear assumingly food for the illithids. Though they seem to have learned that preying on the natives might not be in their best interests. So it is usually spacefarers who disappear.

One reason this sphere is so desireable to the illithids is that there are apparantly no gods that reside here, and as such deific magic is severly limited. Also for some unknown reason perhaps related to the Phlo, arcane magic too are hampered. Psions however are uneffected. Thus the Illithids have found a place that limits the powers of their foes and makes their skills that much more powerful incomparison. To be a psion here, is to be hunted. The Illithids will permit no psion to live here knowingly, it is not only outlawed but a near guarantee of death...

Ithilla is entering a testing phase, and one thing noted is the lack of decent quests, so for now we are looking for quest builders and coders, there are many significant code issues that need to be resolved before we can go live in the way that we want. not the least of which is refining how the spelljammers themselves work.

Anyone interested in contributing should go to the forums at and leave a message for Hellfire.

Initially Ithilla will connect to Avlis, and soon after to the other prime worlds...When we reach a stable point we will open for a final Beta test, initial testing will be by invitation only.
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