Abyss 404 Looking for new Head DM

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Abyss 404 Looking for new Head DM

Post by Red Golem » Wed Jan 07, 2004 5:51 am

Here's the first formal role opening up on the Abyss404 team: Head DeMon

Demon-Style Unmanagement not working:
In the past, the Abyss 404 server development and team infrastructure was modeled after the true chaotic evil abyssal demon style where whoever works on whatever they can whenever they can and whenever they want to. No titles or committments. This might work inside the Abyss for demons, but it appears that we're really just puny humans living in the real world trying to put together unique gaming experience. Oh well.

Now we're going to restructure team responsibilities to something more realistic, defined, and delegated that will work better in the real world yet still be fun to be a part of.

The first role opening up is the Head DM (Head DeMon) role. More formal roles will be opening up as we determine what's needed.

Current State:
Currently in a very playable 24/7 open beta, with even a few addicts of the beta. Most of the areas are relatively low level (though challenging low level). We'll need to get some higher level regions as well as finishing up the treasure system and balancing before going live to build up a native playerbase which will make it a more interesting experience for adventurers from other worlds when we eventually get linked. Surprisingly we're somehow up to 168 areas, 80 conversations, 182 custom creatures or NPCs, 826 custom items. Not too bad for something that was developed under demon-style disorganization.

HotU 1.61 Server for the Open Beta:
All are welcome to check it out. There are no hakpacks to download nor passwords to type in for the open beta server.

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Post by Dantreige » Sat Jan 31, 2004 9:33 am

Hi! I am Dantreige. I have been recently promoted to the Technical Coordinator position for Abyss404.

I would just like to reiterate the need for a Head DeMon at this time. As we forge ahead, we really could use someone to organize policies and procedures for our server as it relates to DMs. Anyone with experience, enthusiasm, and a decent amount of available time is welcome to apply.

We will be restructuring our policies soon, so now is the time to join this project. Please check out our forums and play the beta to get a feel for what we are about on Abyss404. (Keep in mind that things are very chaotic at the moment. We will be giving everything a facelift to promote a better developer and DM atmosphere.)

So come join us!


(There is a link on your left to our home page.)

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Post by Serpentax » Tue Mar 09, 2004 6:58 am

Just a quite note... *RG if you wish to expand on this ok*

Abyss-404 has Head DM's sorted out now.. so no more applications are needed..

However Area Developers are always welcome i think..

Check our site forums and speak with Red Golem or Dantreige.

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