DM-Run Event this Saturday

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DM-Run Event this Saturday

Post by Pitched Black » Thu Dec 04, 2003 1:05 pm

Frawick will be holding the next event of his series this Saturday at 7PM EST. 'View Comments' to see his post or visit this thread: .

Holding this one Next Sunday night, 7:00pm US Est roughly 12:00pm GMT

Tis a continuation of the Artifacts. And the Final artifact to be recovered

PS: i plan to make this a very weird event, and i'd expect everyone to spread the word. It may prove interesting for us all! This event will be based on RP mostly, this could get challenging for our evil doers...but i'm sure they can straighten up their act for one day *winks* In the mean time have fun.


Yeah, bloody blizzard, tangled the wires..Anyway i'm back, at school, and I'm GOING to raise some major hell, since i'm resetting the event. THIS SATURDAY same time.

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