Hala has been destroyed!

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Hala has been destroyed!

Post by Pitched Black » Fri Nov 28, 2003 11:10 pm

If you haven't checked into Hala for awhile, I suggest you come to see the rebuilt module! No 32x32 areas, no static areas, no long roads, no huge open areas without anything to do in them. For more information on this unexpected turn of events and how it relates to you IC, visit the Hala website today!

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Post by sunsghost » Wed Mar 30, 2005 7:53 pm

I'm hijacking this post because players cannot start topics of their own AND hala has no forums to use.

Celestial Army-OOC

Once again we find ourselves consumed by the chaos that is hala.
With our DM sponsor leaving and the lack of message forums to keep in touch, things are rough to say the least.

have patience. Were going to sort everything out. Things are going to get better and we'll iron out all the problems. Hala has a new head DM thats very active and fair. He's going to work with us to (once again) sort out how the celestials operate and how they fit into hala's role play.

Big points we will touch on are;

recruiting (including the probation period and test)
issue of guild equipment
issue of rooms (i now have keys to be given out)
how we are organized
current roster
expanding to different servers (touched on below)

Before the forums went down, I was discussing (yet) another reorganization.
To recap, we moved away from having "companies"(assault/scout/support) filled out by specific classes.
We will now employ a sort of combined arms company. In that, the companies (ideally 4 o 5 guys each to start) will be as balanced as possible. They will be a mix of classes and if it can be worked properly, maybe also accordingly to general level.


We need more people. Initially i thought to travel to other worlds, recruit people and bring them to hala. While this would give us more people to work with it
a. is not exactly fair to take players away from a world, especially if they are smaller single server worlds like us
b. as we've seen with the demon army, many players recruited off world tend to simply return a little while later.

I would like to basically recruit people to the celestial army on other worlds/severs with a view to having them "set up shop" there.
As an example, if we found an interested player on rockhome (or hala) they would continute to play on rockhome though they would be a member of our guild. Fromt heir world they would begin recruiting. In role playing terms, hala is the mainbase of operations and were sending out companies to different worlds to basically keep an eye on things/make a presence. This opens doors for us to travel to other servers for guild events (and have those others come here). In the far future, i would like to see 1 or 2 companies (the main of our force) on hala while having people in avlis, rockhome and maybe even the abyss. A company can consist of as little as 2 or 3 people. Weekly they would post on the hala boards. Basically whats going on or whatever they want to RP. For events on hala, we would contact them and RP sending for reinforcements. With luck, if a DM on another world would run an event for those guys where as they would invite us as reinforcements.

hala has always supported players from other worlds in our events. I don't think it's crazy to imagine us getting attention on other worlds here and there.

In hala there seems to be some bad karma going on unfortinuatly. IC and sadly OOC. Much of it is from lack of communication. Different playing times, most of us work 8 and 12 hour a day shifts AND of course, lack of forums.
i think it's a good idea if we have a few meetings to discuss our guild (and hala), sort some things out. bring up problems and figure out ways to solve them. Feel free to post anything in this thread as well, wether it has to do with the celestials or hala in general.
I suggest making the subject of your post in bold so people know which messages you are talking about or replying to.


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