Open Beta for NEW Avlis server!

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Open Beta for NEW Avlis server!

Post by Orleron » Thu Apr 14, 2005 9:37 am

Hello CoPaP fans,

It is my pleasure to announce the open beta test for the newest Avlis server, The City of Kuras. Unlike our current areas in Southern Avlis, this place was once capitol of the majestic Kurathene Empire, which has long since crumbled into a group of warring fiefdoms. Only this city remains as a bastion of the old glory that once ruled, and only here can you still find the remnants of the old imperial guardsmen who hold stewardship over the capitol until such day a true emperor can re-unite the fiefdoms and claim the throne.

You will find this place a far cry from the culture of the south. Toran and Senath's followers, both human and dracon, rule here, and they tolerate little sway from those who ascribe to chaos. Order is the Word and the Law, and its solidity is represented by the fortress city that is Kuras.

For the open beta, there is a separate server vault and database, so none of your other characters will have access. Once we go live, which should be in a day or so, you should be able to get there, but with difficulty. We suggest starting new alts there if you truly want to be part of the culture of the North, because it is VERY different.


See this thread for hakpak info:

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