Attention all CoPaP staff

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Attention all CoPaP staff

Post by Orleron » Tue Dec 14, 2004 1:05 pm

A new forum has been created to help us keep up on system compliance and importing latest code. If you are already belonging to the CoPaP Subcontractors, CoPaP DM's or the CoPaP Ambassador's group, then you already have access to it.

If you are a world builder and belong to none of these, request access to the CoPaP Builders group to get access.

"My name is Orleron...a dungeonmaster...two years ago I got shot through a game client...I'm in a distant part of the internet aboard these servers of escaped mental players. I've made enemies, stupid, and all I want to do is make CoPaP a reality, to warn Earth...Look inward(to your monitor) and share the newbies I've seen..."

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