Avlis switching over to new Rest System

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Avlis switching over to new Rest System

Post by Jordicus » Sat May 01, 2004 2:36 am

just though I'd detail the change over for any who are interested

• Duration of rest is precalculated based on PC lvl
• PC is Blind/Deaf for the duration of their rest
• Interupted/Cancelled Rest may now be restarted
• Blind/Deaf effect is removed when either rest is completed or cancelled/interupted
• To prevent exploiting of the resumable resting, if a PC cancels their rest 3 times in succesion without finishing a full rest, they have a "fatigue" effect applied to them for a period of time and can no longer rest again until a full 4 hours has passed

• Implemented Safe Rest Zones
Basically, now we can either paint a rest trigger or place a rest waypoint that only allows the PCs to rest within it's confines or within 10 meters in the case of the waypoint. This allows a lot more flexibility in area design rather than just the choice of an area being restable or no rest. If a Safe Rest Zone is used in an area, the PC will receive a slightly different message if they are not in the correct location.
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Post by Eleazar » Sat May 08, 2004 12:15 am

I like this rest system much better, sounds a lot like the one they have in HCR 3.2. Good to see this is being improved. I know Red Golem already is using the Safe rest zones. The only part he hasn't put in yet it seems is the blindness/deafness and the resuming of rest. Everything sounds good.

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