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CoPaP Hak and Universal Hak

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 8:33 am
by Themicles
What brought me in on the CoPaP and Universal Hak? The first CEP merge into CoPaP. What an ungodly mess that was.

When I came into working on the CoPaP and Universal haks, things were run in a "whoever wants to do the update, do it and we'll release it" sort of way. No version control. No real testing. No quality (and readability :P) control. It took me days (weeks?) to sort out the mess that was already there, not to mention all the freakin' CEP 2da errors I had to fix myself.

Ever since then, I've basically taken on full responsibility for keeping the CoPaP and Universal haks up to date and released. I make sure all updates pass through me and my latest 2da base. I make sure everyone's stuff works together as nicely as possible, and resolve line conflicts between new content coming in. I also try to maintain a certain level of quality in the 2da work itself, to keep them readable, and for the most part, error free. I usually test the haks either on a dedicated test server, or update Tairis before everyone else for a more "live" environment to test in.

I don't do this just to have control over something. FFS, I have enough responsibility in CoPaP. I stepped up to take Orleron's place to try and "lead" or "guide" CoPaP when he stepped down. I am a world leader of my own world. I host Hala and Ysgard. I'm a Minor DM on Avlis and recently received desktop access so that I can update, troubleshoot and otherwise maintain their Vaultster installs. I run,, and now also host (and help where I can). I own, or am otherwise Op in, many of the CoPaP related channels on the Stratics IRC network. I often have to help member worlds with new systems, or system updates. Help troubleshoot systems problems...

If I wanted to control the CoPaP and Universal Haks just for a little power, I think there's enough of that up there in that list. So please, have a little faith in my decisions and the way I do things with these haks. If you have a problem, or want a certain update... bring it up. Don't just do it and expect it to be accepted as an official release. That's how things got messed up in the first place.

And don't forget that, I will do a CoPaP and Universal Hak update any time. I just need the actual content, and enough of it, to justify a release. Since the last update, I have not received any new content from any worlds that have said they wanted to add any. All I have are the few fixes here and there that I've done to the 2das since last release.