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Shared Development Resources

Post by Sarmanos » Thu Feb 17, 2005 3:40 am

Made something neat for your world? Maybe creatures, a template, or whatever? Well let's share'em here.

First up is a direct 3rd Edition NWN conversion of the Fiendish Template I made.

Instructions:Import and apply the correct hide to the creature based on HitDice(Level). Change alignment to any evil and add the feat Smite Good. No other adjustments required, CR remains the same as the base creature. Includes Fiendish Troll hide sample as well. If base creature is a Animal or Beast then they become a Magical Beast for all intents and purposes.

To create fiendish creatures that already have hides, simply make a hide based off either the original creature or the fiendish template hide and merge the properties into a new hide. All hides are denoted by Fiendish Template followed by the HD levels.

Do not apply this template to non-corporeal creatures or creatures that are by default, mostly or all good. Fiendish creatures are creatures that aren't fiends but have been touched or influenced by the lower planes in some form.

Sarmanos's Fiendish Templates:

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