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CoPaP's Vision

Posted: Wed Jul 07, 2004 12:40 am
by Orleron
Over on my home world of Avlis, my staff is fond of calling my blueprint for the world "The Vision". So I'm affectionately using that term here to describe what CoPaP should ideally wind up as in the end. Think of this as CoPaP's blueprint.


Starting from the inside of the diagram and moving outward, the boxes labeled Toril, Krynn, Oerth, and Other represent the campaign worlds of D&D. Each box could be one single homemade campaign world, i.e. "other", or it could be a conglomerate of servers making up the campaign setting. CoPaP already has a Mystara coordinator, Ferus. Soon, we will also have a coordinator for our Toril world, called Legends of Toril. However, we do not yet have organizers to do Oerth or Krynn. We are looking for people to do it. We are also looking to bring in other homemade worlds, like my own, Avlis. As you can imagine, these projects just by themselves would be HUGE undertakings.

The next level out is the wildspace areas, for those familiar with Spelljammers campaign setting. These represent the areas of space where the planets and their suns and moons are. Servers would be needed to depict the wildspace regions of settings like Toril and Oerth, as well as homemade worlds. Toril, Oerth, and Krynn's space areas are already outlined in the Spelljammers campaign settings. They contain other inhabited planets and asteroids in many cases.

Between the space areas is labeled "Phlogiston Flow". This is a murky area of either that sits between the crystal spheres containing the campaign worlds and their wildspace areas. So theoretically, if you wanted to fly from Krynn to Oerth, you'd go into Krynn's wildspace, then out in to the phlogiston flow, then into Oerth's wildspace and then land on Oerth. No one has volunteered to do a phlogiston flow server yet, but the Crimson Stars people have made a tileset for it already.

Overlying all of these areas are the transient or overlapping planes. These are the ethereal planes of the worlds, as well as the shadow and astral planes, technically. One can go from Krynn to Oerth also by travelling straight through the ethereal and never doing wildspace travel.

Connected to the big box and all the worlds contained within it, the elemental planes exist. Servers would be needed to make them as well.

Above everything you have the outer planes and all they contain. This would be where campaign settings like Sigil come in, and it is the place where our current worlds of Hala (Ysgard) and Abyss404 (The Abyss) exist.

Permeating everything in the entire diagram are the Astral Plane and the Plane of Shadow. The environments in these planes can vary greatly in their own unique ways. Shadow realms of Toril or any other area can also be made.

If you picture servers within these boxes I've drawn, you'll get the idea of what CoPaP seeks to do, and how the servers are slated to be connected together.

The "vision" here is to produce this diagram with servervault servers using VaultSTER, and to have it be an endless environment of good roleplaying and character interaction with DM's and each other.

Posted: Wed Jul 07, 2004 11:25 am
by teleri
I may be albe to help in the outerplanes area I have a server with a very raw outerplanes world based inthe outlands right now. My plan is to link the gatetowns together and have it work accross the great ring.


Posted: Wed Jul 07, 2004 11:43 am
by Orleron
I'll be in contact about that.